Locals in Kuala Besut are talking about the fact that PAS candidate for Kuala Besut constituency Endut @ Azlan Yusof had dabbled in drug abuse not so long ago.

Even though its already in the past, similar to his history of joining UMNO, however it is still an issue that will affect the local community. Furthermore, in terms of the by-election, national issues do not have a big impact on the local community.

No one wants to be represented by an individual who has a drug addiction problem. We all know that drug addicts are not easily rehabilitated, it takes months or years for them trylt to be considered as sober.


We hope that Azlan can give an explanation about this matter. It is because there are documented evidence that Azlan once failed his urine test. Before this becomes a political issue, we should address this issue first rather than defending it later.

We are human beings and human beings make mistakes, this also applies to Azlan.

Even so, it is not wrong for anyone to ask about the matter. Azlan needs to come out clean about the issue. If Azlan is truly sincere in his statement, we are sure that he will get votes for his sincerity.

Things like this is important to improve Azlan’s image and we see that it has been marred by the interview video that he will hire someone else to execute his responsibilities as a representative of Kuala Besut by-election.

We considered this as a hint for Azlan to help him in his campaign. Personal attacks from his political enemies will be futile if he give an explaination first.

If he let this issue pass by, PAS will lose more votes in this election compared to what they have in the 13th general election.


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